Falcon Fury Opens at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Well, folks, the time has come. The long awaited Falcon Fury is now open at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. At 335 feet, this is a mammoth among drop towers. I can't even begin to imagine how I'd feel waiting at the top. I'm typically not afraid of high flyers or drop towers, but this one could-be-the-one. If the slow climb to the top doesn't do you in, the moment your seat is tilted so that you are facing the ground below, may do the trick.

Find out more about the attraction and watch a point-of-view video from each side of the drop.

Watch the POV from each of the four sides to the attraction. That is quite the free fall.

 Here are some fun facts about the attraction.

    • Parts have been shipped from Spain, Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany
    • Construction started in June
    • 32 seats separated into rows of 4 (8 rows)
    • Variable hold time at the top of the ride before drop (so you never know how long you'll hang there)
    • Five to six second freefall time (according to the ride manufacturer)
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