Doing Disney – Baby Style: Final Thoughts


Well, our adventure is over and we're settled in back at home. I thought I'd leave you all with a few final thoughts in regards to travelling with a baby. Although Sawyer was super easy on us, and therefore we didn't need to do much in particular, we still learned a bit on this trip about how things change with a baby at Walt Disney World.

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 11


Today is the worst. It's our last day. We've eaten our last official Disney supper, and packed our bags to get ready for Magical Express to come tomorrow and drive us back to the real world. One of the things I love most about staying on Disney property is that separation from the real world; the total immersion into fantasy. One of the things I hate most is, well, the end of the trip.

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 9 and 10


On any good vacation, you eventually come close to eating yourself into a food coma. Well folks, that's why I couldn't post last night. Between the huge sandwich I had for lunch, and the amazing dinner last night at Flying Fish, there was absolutely no way I could have typed anything that made sense last night. So, that being said today is going to recap both the adventures of yesterday and today (and a bit of the day before yesterday).

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 8


The Bean took a really good nap yesterday afternoon – he's typically been taking much shorter naps here than at home. I woke him to get ready for dinner, and he still wasn't ready to face the rest of the day. I popped him into the Moby Wrap, since he sleeps really well in it. Little did I know he would be down for the count for what ended up being almost a four hour nap! He slept all the way through dinner, which was ideal really.

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 7



Today was a huge day in Sawyer's short life so far. The day had finally arrived for him to go meet Mickey and the Gang at EPCOT! In the lives of Disney fans as big as our family, any time you see Mickey Mouse is pretty darn exciting...but the first time? Epic!

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 6


Since we're staying at a Monorail Resort, which means we can reach Magic Kingdom and EPCOT by Monorail, we decided to try to do everything we need to do in Animal Kingdom in one day. I mean, who really wants to take buses if they can take a futuristic train through the sky instead? So it meant a pretty long day in the park, but we are up for just about anything!

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 5


Once again, I have to start today’s story with a bit of backtracking from last night. Our dinner last night was an extremely special one. There are some things about Disney that are just truly magical, and one of those things is meeting lifelong friends who share the same passion you do. Last night we had dinner with a lady whose friendship I truly value, and it all started through our mutual love of Disney.

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Doing Disney - Baby Style: Day 4


There's something about waking up at Disney that just makes me happy. Oh, maybe this time it’s because last night Sawyer slept his longest stretch to date, 9 entire hours! It was a fantastic way to wake up, and as usual we were slow getting out of the room to start our day at EPCOT.

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Doing Disney - Baby Style: Day 3


I'm going to start today's post with a bit from last night, and take you on a little sentimental journey through my favourite Disney experience of all time. After dinner, Sawyer was still being his usual accommodating self, so we decided to go take in the Wishes fireworks show. I'll warn you in advance, there are no pictures. I just don't believe you can capture the magic of Wishes in photos or videos (although from the looks of all the cell phone screens being held up, many try). I truly believe you just have to stand there in awe and be in the moment, so that's what we did.

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Doing Disney – Baby Style: Day 2


Tip of the day for doing Disney with an infant – go with the flow! Don’t set alarms, and if the plan goes awry, who cares really? You’re in DISNEY WORLD! Take today for example…did we make the morning show? Nope! Did Winnie the Pooh break down as soon as we got in line? Yup! Did we hit any of our fastpasses? Nope! Did we have an amazingly awesome day? Yup!

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